party like it's 1991

This past weekend something pretty funny happened to us.  Actually, I should say it happened to my husband.

We were out for a friend's birthday dinner on Friday night, partying and having a good time.  There was unlimited alcohol so the hubs was taking full advantage.  He stuck to his Moet while I stuck to my soda water.  At around midnight, I started to feel tired and decided to call it a night.  Hubby wanted to stay downtown and party it up a little more so he walked me to my car and I was on my way home.  The entire time {for some reason} I kept thinking that I should check my purse to make sure I had my house keys.  But, of course, I didn't.  Because where else would my house keys be?

As it happens, the minute I got home I found myself frantically searching for my keys.  I dumped my purse and tore my car apart - top to bottom.  Nothing, nada, nilch.  And I had to go to the bathroom....badly.  My brother {who lives in our basement} was at work and my mother-in-law {who lives in the duplex next door} was asleep.  The only other option was to call the hubs for his keys and go back downtown.  So much for going to bed "early".

After a second trip downtown, I finally made it inside my house and texted the hubs to let him know where I was leaving the key and to call me if he couldn't find it.  Then I drifted off into dreamland........

..........and didn't wake up until 6:45am to notice that the hubs wasn't in bed beside me.  Nor was he anywhere in the house.  The hallway light was still on the way I left it.  I started panicking.  The key had been knocked over and I had a couple messages on my phone:

2:40am text message:  Waiting for {cousin} to bounce.  1 hr now.

3:15am missed call - no voicemail

Yup, you read that right.  Hubs was locked out of the house and I only got one missed call.  So what did he do?  What any other 20-something year old would do - go back downtown and party!  Except, he's not even close to 20.  In fact, if he had a kid at 20, his kid would be 20.

Anyways, I couldn't go back to sleep because I felt so bad and I knew that he wouldn't really be mad at me {which made me feel even worse}.  Plus the fact that my hormones are completely out of wack, I kept thinking of the worst possible scenarios.  He got into an accident, he got arrested {lol, wtf?!}.  That is definitely my hormonal self talking!  He finally called a couple hours later making sure I was awake and letting me know he'd be home in 5 minutes.

We had a good laugh about the situation and dragged our sleep-deprived butts to a planned shopping trip across the border.  Oh, and Lil J had his first swimming lesson that morning and hubs had a business meeting.  Yup, Saturday was a loooonnnnggg day.

And, you'll never guess where hubs found my keys.  On my windshield tucked slightly under the hood of my car.  I couldn't even tell you how they got there.

Anything funny happen to you lately?