Oh no.  Gone are the days when my sweet Lil J was a perfect angel.  And enter the days of the terrible twos {or "testing twos" as I like to call it}.

While I was picking Lil J up from daycare this afternoon, one of his teachers let me know that Lil J had started misbehaving this week.  Just this week, she said.  That was a semi-relief to me.  Apparently he wasn't listening, he was running around when he should have been sitting down, he was laughing and though everything was funny, and he was basically not taking anything seriously.  The teacher told me that he's been in at least two time outs per day.  Great.

I do believe that Lil J could be rebelling a little bit and I did have a talk with him right away, and will continue to talk to him about it and remind him what the rules are until he goes back to daycare next Monday.  But I do partially feel that the teacher's remarks could be slightly exaggerated.  The reason being is that my husband and I both got a strange vibe from her - like she couldn't control her anger when and if the children get slightly out of hand.  Every time I pick Lil J up from daycare and she is there, I carefully watch how she interacts with other children.  And it's not all good.  She snaps at them, she shuts them down, and she is quite abrupt when a child does something she doesn't like but isn't necessarily out of hand.  You know, just normal kid things.

I'm not saying that Lil J is a perfect little angel.  I don't doubt that he is outspoken and tries to test his boundaries.  I see this on a daily basis.  But I do have to wonder what is on this teacher's agenda.  After all, the kid that was picked up by her mother while I was getting Lil J packed up was scolded the exact same way as Lil J.  This girl apparently wasn't paying attention during circle time.  Hmmmm...makes me wonder....

There are a couple of younger teachers at the daycare that are incredibly nice and whom I trust more than the "mean" teacher.  My plan next week is to get some feedback from them - in hopes that it will either back up the other teacher's claims or completely contradict what I was told.  Either way, I know that behaviour like this needs to be "nipped in the butt" asap.

Has your child's teacher ever complained about their behaviour at daycare/school?  How did you handle it?


  1. Funny enough we get told that our son is an absolute gem at day care. I think our Mary Poppins said, 'he is a gift to humanity'. LOL. Which leaves us pulling out our hair when he is SO naughty at home.

    Really, what we noticed is that he needs more attention from us when this happens. Slowly he did learn that if he is well behaved and listens, that he gets to do more fun things with his parents. BUT it took a lot of annoying moments to get to this part. For us, age 2 wasn't so terrible but 3 has been a lot more trying.

    1. Up until yesterday my son was the same as yours! An absolute gem at daycare but then a terror at home!

      I have also noticed that he needs a little cuddle time from Mommy right when we get home, so I now make sure that I give that to him. In this day and age where everything is go go go, it's nice to take the time to just relax and enjoy each others company.

      Hopefully when Lil J turns 3, he'll grow out of this craziness! And to tell you the truth, his terrible twos haven't been half bad either.

  2. I've seen Princess push the kids around a bit in daycare. I reprimand her every time because I don't want her to feel like it's ok. Her teachers aren't worried, and they say she's fine throughout the day. I guess she just needs her space when she first gets in. It's hard to see her misbehave. Even though the teachers don't complain, I still feel bad. I'm sure Lil J is just having a moment, and will be fine.

    1. It is hard right? Like the other day - I walk into the daycare and Lil J is kind of upset. A girl walks by and says "Oh it's Lil J!" and he goes to her "Stop talking!! Don't talk!". I'm like wow, how did you get so bold? As a parent, situations like that can really be embarrassing, especially if there are other parents around.

  3. i don't have much advice for you except to hang in there with Lil J...i am sure he will pass through this soon enough!