the journey 2.0: random thoughts

{This post is more or less a jumble of random thoughts I'm having leading up to the birth of baby #2 - bear with me!}

As my due date approaches closer and closer, I can't help but wonder who is going to look after Lil J while I'm at the hospital in labour.  We have a lot of options - parents, siblings, etc. - but I want all of them to be at the hospital with me!  Well, not necessarily in the actual birthing room but just at the hospital.  Kind of selfish isn't it?

Lil J on his "birth" day
 I keep daydreaming about the day - wondering how I'll handle the labour pains, hoping that I'll be able to deliver via VBAC.  There are so many things to consider and so many things that could happen.  After Lil J's birth, I've finally accepted that the situation is completely out of my hands.

I also can't fall asleep as easily at night anymore.  Probably because my mind is running 1,000 miles a minute thinking about all of the possible outcomes that labour and delivery can bring.  I'm nervous, terrified and excited.  Definitely a mix of emotions.

Who looked after your kids while you were in the hospital?  How did you handle anxiety leading up to the birth of your child?

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