dear lil j: another milestone!

Dear Lil J,

Today is a milestone day for you!  I dropped you off at daycare this morning without your Pull-Ups!  Don't worry - you have a bin full of back-up clothes just in case you have an accident.  And, just know, you're allowed accidents {once in a while!}.  I keep thinking about you - thinking how your day is going and if you're using the potty.  Thinking how fast you've grown up and that I can't believe you're ready to leave your Pull-Ups behind.  I'm SO proud!

I also forgot to wash your rain jacket on the weekend so that means you're without one, so I hope you don't get soaked if you go to the playground today.  It was pouring rain when this morning!  Not so much now but you should be getting ready to go for your daily nap as I type.  Gosh, I'm such a bad mommy for forgetting to wash your one and only rain jacket!  Sorry!

I'm also daydreaming about this summer and the year to come.  So excited to be able to spend the entire year with you and your soon-to-be brother or sister.  You say you want a sister but I think you've been brainwashed by your older sister haha!  She has been telling me she wants a sister since she found out I was pregnant - only so she can play dolls with her and take her shopping.  Trust me, you're not missing out there!  I used to make your Uncle J play Barbies with me when we were little.  He's scarred for life now.....

You and your own airplane creation!

Well, I can't wait to pick you up after work today and hear all about your day!  We have the best conversations now that you can fully communicate.  Your verbal skills are amazing for a kid your age and your memory is even more amazing.  You've known your ABC's since before your second birthday, you favourite song at the moment is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" {yes, you know all the words}, you can count to almost 30 {a Kumon teacher said you are way ahead of the game!}, you have natural soccer skills {does this mean I'll be a soccer mom?}, you love to tell me about your day at school {you mostly go to the playground and go down the slides}, you already know when we're almost home - usually when we're 10 blocks away - and you know when we're heading to swimming lessons or Gong Gong and Po Po's house {amazing!}, you like to clean up your toys and you declare to me, "Don't touch my toys!" {I'm not going to argue with you on that one.  I'm just going to enjoy the moment - who knows how long it'll last!}, and you're now sleeping in your big boy "monster bed"!!  Wow, I could go on and on.

See you after work little one!


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