rainy days giveaways {day 5}: guzzie + Guss

CONTEST CLOSED!  Congratulations to Xing Zheng - she has won a guzzie + Guss "Pimp My Ride" stroller accessory pack!

Day 5 of our Rainy Days Giveaways features local Vancouver, BC stroller company, guzzie + Guss!

Finding the perfect stroller is definitely exciting but can end up feeling like a chore.  Familiar questions will pop up in your head:  How much should/can we spend?  Is the stroller compatible with our car seat?  Does the stroller come with a cup holder?  Is everything an add-on cost?

Vancouver stroller manufacturer guzzie + Guss strive to make the best product on the market at the most affordable prices.  Combining over 30 years of product development and market experience, guzzie + Guss offers everything from strollers and stroller accessories to high chairs, safety gear and toys.  They even have  universal car seat adapters for each of their stroller's models which makes it easier for parents to choose whichever car seat they desire.

guzzie + Guss G+G 051 Denman Stroller. 
Image courtesy of guzzie + Guss
G+G 1+1 Gabriola Stroller
Image courtesy of guzzie + Guss

In the past few months, we have been struggling with a toddler who hates sitting in his stroller and loves to take off when we're not looking.  With a baby on the way and a toddler who refuses to sit in his stroller, I figured the option that made the most sense was a stroller board.  I was set on getting a BuggyBoard because I thought it was the only stroller board on the market when I came across guzzie + Guss' G+G 001 Universal Stroller Hitch.  Life. Saver.

G+G 001 Universal Stroller Hitch
Image courtesy of guzzie + Guss

{The Review}

The Universal Stroller Hitch is truly universal.  It attached perfectly to our Maxi-Cosi Foray and Perle strollers and, despite the fact that my hitch didn't come with instructions, I was able to attach it with just viewing the instructional video below and off we went!

Lil J and Miss S enjoying the guzzie + Guss stroller board!

The Universal Stroller Hitch also features two adjustable knobs which allows a user to adjust and tighten the angle of the platform.  For times where you are not using the hitch, you can simply fold it up and attach it to the stroller bar handle with the strap provided.

I found that the Universal Stroller Hitch was very sturdy and easy to maneuver.  There have been a couple times where it would get stuck in a certain position if I was backing up and turning the stroller around simultaneously {eg: exciting an elevator}, but with a few quick back-and-forth movements of the stroller, we were able to get the stroller hitch to re-adjust itself without having to do it manually.

Our son not only loves the stroller hitch, he actually asks to ride it.  No more running after a runaway toddler or struggling to strap him into his stroller!  A bonus?  His sister loves to push the stroller with her brother yelling "Beep beep, beep beep!".

{Win It!}

guzzie + Guss is giving away a "Pimp My Ride" accessory pack to one lucky winner!  The accessory pack includes a rain cover, universal cup holder, stroller insert pad and their stuffed animal mascots {combined value of $120 CND}.  The giveaway is open to Vancouver, BC and Lower Mainland residents only and ends at 9pm PST on April 13, 2012.

The views expressed in this review are my own and do not represent the opinions or views of guzzie + Guss. Note that {swank}mama does not accept responsibility for sponsors that do not fulfill their giveaway duties.

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  1. I am in LOVE with the 042 - I would LOVE to own that stroller!!

    (Alisha D)

  2. I love the Gabriola double stroller:o)


  3. I love the guzzie + Guss' G+G 001 Universal Stroller Hitch.

  4. The G+G 042 Stroller Platinum!

  5. The G+G 202 Highchair Vanilla look great

  6. I have a 042 would my feet hit this when I push?

  7. I have a 042 would my feet hit this when I push?