public pool insecurities

This weekend Lil J has his very first swimming lesson!  He has always been a water baby and loves taking baths and going to the pools, so I figured why not?  Plus, he'll be able to save Mommy if she falls in the deep end because...well...Mommy can't swim.

While I can't wait to see his face once he steps foot in the pool, there are a few things that I'm not looking forward to.  Number 1 on the list is going to the public pool.  I can't stand public pools.  They stink, they're dirty and they're disgusting.  I'm going to wear my flip flops on the deck and no one can stop me.  I have disturbing childhood memories of tip-toeing around the change room with naked, middle-aged women prancing around, and me trying to avoid spit stains and other people's hair on the floor.  Yuck.

This is what I wish the pool would look like....

The second thing that I am on the fence about is sporting a bikini.  It won't be a maternity bikini - just my pre-pregnancy ones.  At 30 weeks pregnant, I'm praying that I can still squeeze my butt into the bottoms.  I have a feeling that sporting a bikini this late in my pregnancy will be pretty empowering.  Keeping a positive attitude about the situation.

Might have been a good idea to invest in one of these maternity bikinis:

Image courtesy of ingridandisabel.com

And it shouldn't be all about me!  What about the sweet little boy who is about to learn how to swim {and save his Mommy from sharks}?  The day should be all about him and the excitement that he is going to learn something new.  But those grimy pool floors.......


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  1. You're going to be HOT MAMA!! ;) Be confident! Work it!! ;) ~One Bored Mommy