out of the mouth of: lil j {little white lies}

Last night was day 3 of Lil J falling asleep in his big boy bed.  He was trying to think of all sorts of excuses to get out of bed from "I want other bed" to "I want milk".  Another one of the excuses he used was "I want Daddy!".  To that, I responded:

"Daddy's in the bathroom right now".  I figured Lil J would believe me because he knows when Daddy's in the bathroom, we don't bother him.

Lil J:  "No not in bathroom.  He's in the kitchen"

Me:  silence

Lil J:  "Daddy not in bathroom.  He's in the kitchen Mama"

What??!!  I thought a kid had to be at least 7 before white lies or "tricking" them wouldn't work anymore.  I remember I used to believe everything that came out of my mom's mouth.  Then again, I was a gullible kid.  Lil J is only 2 1/2 and I can't trick him?  Guess I'll have to think of another tactic *sigh*

Were you ever able to get your kids to believe your white lies?


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