the journey 2.0: entering the final stretch

THIRD trimester!!

Wow really?!

Where did time fly?  According to Baby Center, I only have 77 more days to go.  That sounds like a lot but it's just a little over two months.  Crazy.  And I have so much to do.  Like plan Miss S's belated birthday party, clean the house, paint the house {hopefully!}.........and the list goes on and on.  Yes, you could definitely say I'm in full nesting mode.  Weirdly enough, this didn't happen when I was pregnant with Lil J so it's nice to experience something different.

In preparation for our house clean and "new" furniture {purchased from Craigslist}, I've been constantly nagging my husband over the past couple months to make sure that he puts our new wardrobe up in our room so that he can clear his clothes out of Lil J's room.  I have to admit, with our growing family, we are running out of room even though we have three bedrooms.  There is never enough room!

Surprisingly, my husband started bringing up all the pieces of the wardrobe from our downstairs foyer last night.  I'd post pictures of our large foyer but they are not pretty.  In fact, it's pretty much become a storage area.  At 9:25pm, he asked me if it was too late to start putting together the wardrobe in our room.  Ummmm yes........I was just getting ready to put Lil J and myself to bed!  We decided to do it on the weekend instead.

So we're progressing and things seem to be on it's way to being done.  Now I just have to encourage hubby to put up our over-the-range microwave which has been sitting in its box since I purchased it at Christmastime.  Sigh.

Did you go through a nesting phase while you were pregnant?


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