dear lil j: mr. independent

33 Months

Dear Lil J:

Last night was day 4 of sleeping in your big boy bed and guess what?!  You slept the entire night in your own bed - all by yourself!  This is such a milestone since Mommy and Daddy have been letting you sleep in our bed for the last.... 6-8 months....possibly longer. 

I have to admit that the first night was hard for me because I've gotten so used to falling asleep with you beside me.  It must have been a case of separation anxiety on my part.  You handled it so much better!  Of course there were the excuses {"I want more milk" or "I want Daddy" or "I want other bed"} to try to get out of the room, but I had to stand my ground and stick to my guns.  So far there hasn't been too much yelling or screaming, and we're still following our bedtime routine of talking about our days, reading a bedtime story {you read to me more than I do to you right now} and watching a few of your favourite clips on "your" iPad {you ask for Chuggington, Bob the Builder and Thomas at the moment}.

In your lil' monster bed!
 You also have a mind of your own and you're not afraid to speak it.  The other night you told me you wanted Daddy and I told you that he was in the bathroom.  Because of your smarts {which of course you got from me!} and your sharp hearing, you weren't fooled and told me, "No, he's not in bathroom.  He's in the kitchen."  So much for fooling you.

This morning was another great example of your confidence and willingness to speak your mind.  As we were getting ready to leave the house for school, you kept asking for Gong Gong {Grandpa}.  I told you that he was sleeping and you told me, "No, he's not sleeping.  He's at home.  Let's find Gong Gong."  I let Gong Gong know that you've been asking for him for the last two days and he was so happy!

Also, the past few days of dropping you off at school have been a breeze!  You used to cry when I left you but now I let you bring your favourite car of the day so that you can show your friends.  Now you look so happy and proud, and you hug and kiss me goodbye and off you go!

You are also very independent.  At 33 months, you are already dressing and undressing yourself, putting on your own socks, underwear, pants, tops, shoes and jacket.  Actually, you've been doing this for a few months already.  Now I guess all I need to do is teach you how to tie shoe laces!

You're doing great baby!  Keep up the good work!



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