{swank}review: bamboo bottle

After a long delay between reviews and giveaways, I'm finally ready to jump back on the wagon!

Every day I hear about something BPA this and plastic is toxic, etc. etc.  So what about water bottles made out of plastic?  The reusable ones can't always be BPA free and the disposable ones definitely aren't.  And what about the waste that we're contributing to by using disposable water bottles?  Sure, they can be recycled but how friendly are all those bottles to our environment?

In comes the bamboo bottle.  The outer core is made of bamboo and the bottle itself is glass {not plastic!}.  The glass can be removed from the bamboo sleeve for effective cleaning - in the dishwasher or by hand.

I love the stylish look of the bamboo bottle and take it to work with me every day.  The only cons to the bottle is the weight {it's quite heavy due to the glass bottle & is even heavier when filled with water} and the twist top lid.  Thankfully, the Bamboo Bottle Company heard my silent cries about the lid and just recently developed a flip top lid:

Looking to buy online?  Both the classic top and flip top styles retail for $25 each and can be found in select retail stores.

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