the in's and out's of #2

As a mom we get to do a lot of fun, silly things.  Like singing songs in off-pitch tones at the top of our lungs to making farting noises and having someone laugh at you because it's the most hilarious thing in the world.

But we also get to do the grossest things.  Things you would have never thought you'd do or touch before life with kids.  For example:  cleaning up spit-up projectiles and wiping up poop five times a day.  Don't get me wrong - I'm pretty used to changing frequent diapers and while I do it quite willingly, there is something that completely grosses me out now:

Lil J's poop in the potty.

Not to mention, Lil J's poop in his 'big boy' underwear.  Those are just 'accidents' - apparently.

As you may know, I'm currently potty training Lil J.  He knows the concept of the potty and will now only go if he has his 'big boy' underwear on.  If he is wearing his 'Easy-Ups', forget it!  This kid is just too smart for his own good.

He's had a couple of accidents involving #2 in his underwear - once with me and once with Daddy.  The first time it happened with me, I had no idea what to do.  I told my husband later and he said, "You wanted to throw the underwear out, didn't you?".  This man knows me way too well.  Sure it was my initial thought.  But underwear isn't cheap!  So I sucked it up and grabbed a paper towel and scooped my way out of there.  Yuck!

I've noticed Lil J getting a little embarrassed lately when he goes #2 in his 'Easy-Ups'.  He'll hide in the corner and is extremely quiet.  If this boy is quiet, you know something is up!  Yesterday, he went on the potty three separate times after he went pee but didn't do anything.  Finally, he went #2 and get this:  it was just before I was ready to jump in the shower and Miss S or my husband started banging loudly on the bathroom door and I heard cheers {yay, Lil J, yay!!} and my husband was like, "Give the potty to Mommy!  She'll clean it  up!!".  Haha.  One look inside and I was completely grossed out.  It's like cleaning up after an adult, seriously!

All gross things aside, I am super proud that Lil J knows the concept of using the potty.  I'm also kind of scared to fully put him in underwear - all day long.  I've only been doing it at night which is probably not consistent enough.  I'm not looking forward to future messes and soiled clothes.  But this is a part of growing up, no?  I will suck it up because I cannot wait until the day Lil J is fully potty trained!!

Oh and I wish I could post some cute pictures of Lil J on the potty but I just don't want to 'embarrass' him quite yet.


  1. Awww. I can't say I know exactly how you feel yet! But I can imagine... Boy, I have a lot to look forward to with Princess. I just took out the potty today. I've been mentioning it a lot. So, she knows about it. Getting her to use it, will be another story. Question? How do you keep poop from getting on lil J's legs when you take off the pull up? With a regular diaper, you just unvelcro and go. Your baby boy is growing up! yay!

    1. I had the same question when I started potty training J! You rip the sides of the Pull-Ups!