lil j goes potty!

Yesterday afternoon, I came home to pure excitement.  The reason?  Lil J had gone potty - not once, but TWICE!!!

In gathering various versions of how he went potty {from Daddy G and my mother-in-law to my niece and nephew}, I quickly learned that Lil J had told my hubby that he needed to go pee and ran to the bathroom.  He made it in time the first time to pee, but apparently Daddy was a little too slow in getting the potty the second time so he peed in his Pull-Ups {or maybe on the floor?}.  The third time he actually pooped in the potty!!  I never thought I'd get so excited at the prospect of my son going to the washroom.

A total mom thing.

And while I would LOVE to post a cute little picture of Lil J on the potty, I know that one day it will come back to haunt me and he will probably get back at me when he's older {like maybe a picture of me in Depends on his Facebook page?}.

So I'm coming to the conclusion that this potty thing might not be as hard with Lil J as I have been warned.  You know, the "boys take much longer than girls" theory.  Or the "boys tend to retaliate" theory.  I'm definitely not pushing potty training on Lil J.  You might even say that I'm being a bit lazy at consistently training him.  But I feel that he will tell me when he's ready on his own time.  Now let's hope his "own time" is before he starts daycare in November.

Something else happened last night with the potty.  Lil J was happily sitting on his potty seat on the toilet when I turned away for a second to turn off the tap in the bathtub {I was running his bath}.  The next thing you know, Lil J has taken off the potty seat and is attempting to sit on the "adult" toilet seat and bam! - down he goes.  Yup, straight into the toilet.  The one that I had not cleaned for a while.  I grabbed him quickly, while he was still in shock and while I was cringing, and dumped him into the bathtub.  Problem solved right?  Nope.  All I see floating around in the bathtub are pieces of poop-type floaties {from the toilet or Lil J's bum?}.  I am now fully disgusted, as I'm sure you are too.  But I just had to share!

Ahhhhh, the joys of potty training!

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  1. Haha, can't say I blame you. Potty-training is a long way away for us still, but I dream of the day I no longer have to change diapers.