dear lil j: you're a big boy now!

26 Months and 15 Days

Dear Lil J,

I just got a text from Daddy this morning and he told me that you pooed in the toilet!!  That was your first time going potty {except for the time you "sort of" went pee with Grandma} and I wish I was there to celebrate with you.  You might think that sounds gross but I really do!  It must be a "mom thing".

Does this mean you're ready for full-on potty training?  I hope so.  Although I've heard that boys can take up to age 3 to feel comfortable with the potty, I wouldn't be surprised if you learned soon.  You amaze us every day with everything else, so....why not, right?!

We're definitely not forcing you to go potty even though the daycare I'm thinking of putting you in would rather you be potty trained.  I want you to be comfortable with going to the "big kid" toilet.  I told your sister to show you when she goes "potty" {if she feels comfortable with it, of course}, in hopes that you will follow suit.  You always seem to like to mimic your sister anyways!

Last night you got so mad because you peed in your Easy-Ups, you ran to the change pad and whipped it out so that I could change your Easy-Ups immediately!!  Daddy said you did that when you pooped earlier in the day.  Yay!

I know you can do anything you put your mind to - and potty training is no exception.  Keep up the good work baby!



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  1. How cute!! Princess will soon be joining lil J. She got a potty book for her bday! Can't wait!