the testing two's: flying objects

Every time I tell a person how old Lil J is, I get the same response: "Oh, the terrible two's!".  While I don't think Lil J has reached the full blown "terrible two's" yet, I can tell that he is constantly trying to test my husband and I, and constantly trying to see where his boundaries lie.

His new thing is throwing every object in his path.  It started out with playful throwing - like passing a ball back and forth, etc.  Now, it seems every time he gets frustrated or is playing with his sister and older cousins, he throws any object within arms reach.  I try to catch him every time he does it, but he thinks it's a game and a minute later he's back to throwing things again.  I know that this is just another phase and that he is most likely trying to see when he can get away with it, but it can be very frustrating.

What happened to my mellow, calm kid?  Where did he go?  It seems he was replaced by a jumping, climbing, non-stop energy kid that is on a constant sugar-high {even though Lil J doesn't eat sweets}.

Ahhhh, so I guess the "terrible two's" are starting.  Or, as I like to call it, the "testing two's"!

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