i'm tired

Here is a look into my usual daily routine after work:
  • Come home
  • Find multiple lights on {even if it's sunny outside}
  • Find the daily newspaper on the stairs
  • Find pieces of used paper towel all over the counters and floors {courtesy of Daddy G}
  • Empty pop cans and water bottles on various counters, bedrooms, and occassionally the bathroom {also courtesy of Daddy G}.  Sure the containers are usually rinsed out, but would it kill you to take the extra step and put it in the recycling bag a couple steps away?  Hmmmm?
  • Why is the bathroom light on?
  • Find the toilet seat up.  Not the part that the guys use but the actual lid.  That bugs me.
  • Find the both kitchen sinks filled with dirty dishes even though I may {or may not have} cleaned and emptied out the sink the night before
  • Miss S' random things strewn everywhere
Sometimes my hubby will come home early or even take the day off, and the house still looks like this when I get home.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he does pull his weight around the house and cook and clean but it does not happen on a daily basis.

And this non-domestic Mama is TIRED when she gets home from work.  I don't like to cook.  I don't like to clean.  But I do it anyways because it has to be done.  Why can't my hubby get that through his thick head?  And pick up after himself for once and stop blaming the mess on me.


Think about how I feel when we have random visitors over in the evening.

Okay, I'm not saying I'm perfectly clean in any way.  I'm far from being a neat-freak.  Our room is a total disaster right now too but I'm blaming lack of space and storage space on that one.  Plus, I'm working on it!

Ladies:  Does any of this sound familiar?

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