dear lil j: shock & awe......but not surprising..

Dear Lil J,

It's been a while since I've written you a letter..  We've been so busy enjoying our summer together as a family and you have been having so much fun with your sister.  I notice that you are {and have been since birth} slowly taking everything in and analyzing it - trying to figure out why something happened or how something got to where it is or why something works a certain way.  You just blow my mind!

Yesterday you spent the day with Gong Gong {Grandpa} and you apparently exhausted him with all your energy!  You had a quiet moment when Gong Gong found Elmo for you on Video On Demand:

Watching Elmo!
Sometimes he finds a comfty spot on Gong Gong's stomach:

When it was time to leave Gong Gong and Po Po's {Grandma} house, you put away your train set in the box and instead of just leaving it on the table, you took it upon yourself to transport it back to the bedroom.  It wasn't the fact that you thought to put the box back in it's original place, but the fact that you thought about it and used your "noodles" and put the box on top of your little chair, and pushed the chair all the way to the room - just because the box was much too heavy for you to carry all the way to the bedroom.  Gong Gong, Po Po and Mommy watched you in awe as you were doing this - all by yourself!!

I am just so incredibly proud of you, whether you do things that surprise us every day or not.  You always seem beyond your age and I'm so happy that you are independent and can think for yourself.  So, so proud of you baby!


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