dear lil j: all grown up

Dear Lil J,

I'm at a lost for words as to how fast you're growing up.  It's a mixture of feelings.  Every time you do something new, I'm just so incredibly proud of you.  But it also makes me sad that you are not a little baby anymore.  And then I think to myself to enjoy every stage of your life and your accomplishments as they come.  They should all be celebrated!  From your first time crawling, to your first steps, your first tooth, to when you lose your first tooth.

Every night before bed, we have a routine.  You take a bath, then eat your last meal of the day - a huge bowl of porridge.  You can't get enough of your porridge!  It's your first and last meal of each day.  Then we say goodnight to your sister and Daddy {and cousins, if they're over} and you trek off to our bedroom with your sippy cup filled with milk.  Yes, you like to fall asleep in our bed because apparently your crib is now scary.  Don't worry.  We just need to get you a mattress and you'll be set in your new big kid bed soon!  You know our routine, and you now understand me when I ask you to do things and you just do it without assistance {"say goodnight to Daddy" or "lets go to the bedroom"}.

You're also talking so much more!  You know a number of letters from the alphabet and you are learning to spell 3-letter words {eg: cat, dog, etc.}.  I notice that you like to talk to yourself a lot while you play with your Nuchi train set.  I guess your vocabulary is expanding rapidly every day!

While I'm writing this post, I'm at work and I just long to be with you.  I can't wait to get home and see your sweet, little face!  Your chubby cheeks are just irresistible!  Until then, I rest assured that you are having the time of your life with Grandma and that being away from Mommy is good for you {you miss me that much more, ha!}.

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