out of the mouth of: Miss S

Daddy G and I were joking around this evening..all to Miss S's amusement...like always {hey, at least she's not embarrassed by us yet}!  He playfully hit me with a rolled-up newspaper and I hollered, "Owwwww!!", even though it didn't hurt in the least.  Daddy G gave me the newspaper and told me to whack him back.  We joked around...I tried folding it more and he grabbed the paper and ran to the washroom, so I whacked him on the arm with an empty Sprite bottle.  We burst out into laughter and from her room, Miss S is cracking up:

Miss S:  "Now all I need is popcorn!!"

Me:  "For what?"

Miss S {with a smile}:  "To watch your guys' show!"

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