the journey 2.0: a mother's intuition

Yesterday, unbeknownst to my husband and I at first, my mother-in-law made reference to Lil J's "other" sister.  We were happily discussing how Lil J has been "calling" Miss S on his fake phone every day and calling her name out and asking where she is {she has been with her mother for summer holidays for three weeks now - the longest stretch she ever goes without seeing us.  She comes back Friday!!}.  My mother-in-law responded, "Well, maybe {Lil J} is talking about his other sister".  My husband's cousin got it right away and just shook her head and laughed.  My husband looked at his mom blankly and was like "I don't get it.".  I, on the other hand, didn't even hear what she had said.

Finally, a light bulb switched on in my husband's crowded brain and he was like "Oh, Mom!  Now I get it".  Now I wanted to get in on the inside joke.  So my mother-in-law repeated what she had said and, me being completely exhausted after a long day at work, still didn't get it.  Then she pointed down to my stomach and then I understood.

Is it mother's intuition or what?  I had just posted a journey 2.0 post yesterday and it has been on my mind a lot lately.  I swear, this woman has a radar for babies - and kids in general.  She loves to surround herself with love and family, and sometimes I think that she wants 500 grandkids. 

At least we have the support from one parent.  I know my dad will be fine with another grandchild because he figures he can't stop me from having more children anyways, but my own mother would probably faint and then wake up and express her "happiness" through tears of fear and sadness.  Sounds weird I know, but we all have weird families right?

Back to my saint...I mean mother-in-law...she'll probably know I'm pregnant even before I do.  She has crazy intuitions.  For now, we will leave the decision up to the stars...


  1. Lol. My mother knew way before I did with all mine. She also knew the sex of each one long before I was even showing. Scary! Your MIL may have something there!

  2. That is SUPER scary!! How do they know? I wonder....