is my child really a genius?

I've come to discover some interesting things about Lil J in the past while.  Ever since he was born, people have been telling me that he was a smart kid and that he was very aware for his "age".  Even as a newborn, you could tell he was busy studying something - with a look so intense - trying to figure out what was going on.  I brushed off their comments while hiding how {secretly} proud I was.  After all Lil J is my first child and I just assumed everything he did was what ever other baby did.  Eat, sleep and poop!

But on the weekend, it occurred to me that Lil J sees things a little differently than most kids.  He was playing on a golf cart at Vancouver's 125 birthday celebration at Stanley Park {under my watchful eye} and as he was turning the wheel back and forth, I realized as he was busy studying the wheel, looking it up, down and around, that he wasn't thinking "yay, the wheel is turning" but "why is the wheel turning and what makes it turn?".  Watching him in amazement trying to discover the latter was a very proud mommy moment.  It then got me thinking to other instances in the past two years where Lil J was busy discovering something new, such as:
  • Why the glass cabinet door closes with a magnet and how the magnet works.  He also likes to take it out and put it back in repeatedly {typical boy}.
  • How he knew how to turn all of his toys on and off {long before Mommy!} before he was one, as well as every feature of every toy within a couple minutes of opening them.  This includes kitchen appliances and anything with a plug.
  • My iPhone and, more recently, my iPad.  He knew how to use my iPhone around his first birthday and now he has his favourite games.  He knows certain features that even I couldn't figure out and he is always discovering something new on both.  He also says "off" when I've either been on them for too long or if he wants attention, and then he turns it off for me.  How convenient for him.
  • Remote controls!  This was Lil J's first love when he discovered them at probably around six months.  It only took him a couple of days and he already knew how to turn the TVs off and on and which remote was for the satellite and which one was for the TV.  Smart but annoying when you're trying to watch something!
  • His fascination with anything electronic!  TVs, remote controls, computers, printers, electric pianos, motherboards.  He has been obsessed with electronics since he was old enough to play with toys.  In fact, there is no use buying him any toys as he would rather play and figure out how electronics work.
  • He knew how to "play" an electric piano shortly after his first birthday and he shows kids as old as five how to turn it on and what all the buttons do.
The list could seriously go on and on forever!  I still don't know if what Lil J is doing is "normal" for kids his age or if he really carries a super smart gene {everyone tries to convince me he does...seriously!}.  I'm sure this sounds like a bragging post but I can't help but be proud of my Lil J!  And I'm also wondering what your little ones are up to.....


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  2. Thanks for the links, This Cookn' Mom! I will have to check them out!!