In a split second, everything can change.  That was the reality that hit our family yesterday.  We have been through a couple of rough months with the deaths of close family members in my husband's family and, I too, also had a close call that could have resulted in injuries.

The deaths we experienced were prepared for - somewhat.  We knew it was going to happen..it was only a matter of when.  Yesterday, though, took us all by surprise.  It started out with a phone call my husband received:

My husband, Lil J and I were visiting another couple and their son yesterday afternoon.  We had just arrived at their house and were on our way to a Greek festival when my husband received a phone call from his little brother:  a car had just hit their mom's car just as mom (as we all call her) was about to open her door and step out of the car.  A split second later and the results could have been devastating.

The car door had been completely torn off and the woman who hit mom's car tried to drive off.  Luckily, there were a number of witnesses and the driver actually admitted that she swerved into mom's car.  When I learned of the potential severity of the situation, I was in shock myself.  My husband left right away to be by mom's side and couldn't even remember the drive back.  My sister-in-law came over to mom's house and went on a cleaning rampage and then left.  It's amazing how such a shocking situation can affect people differently.
I laid in bed last night watching Lil J sleeping.  I tried to just soak in the moment, reminding myself that I'll never get them back and that every day Lil J is growing up.  I'm trying to enjoy these moments but it's so hard to get caught up in the daily chaos that surrounds our lives.  I am just thankful that everyone around me is healthy and well and that I am able to spend time with them.  I know I'm getting all sappy but I think it's good to reassess life once in a while and try to not take everything in life for granted.


  1. I also have to frequently tell myself not to take life for granted. Complaining about a current and temporary situation is so easy. Sometimes we just forget that each moment no matter what, is special.

  2. It's so easy to right?! You just get caught up in the motions of everyday life and routine and sometimes it's hard to snap out of it until something actually happens (unfortunately).