miss s saves the {night}

Last night I thought we were hitting another milestone, getting past another phase.  I put Lil J in his crib - he was drowsy and had been fighting sleep for the past hour while I was trying to get him to sleep in our bed.  I heard him scream a bit as I left the room and fought the urge to turn around and pick him right back up.  He needs to break out of the habit of falling asleep in our bed.  It's a nightly occurrence that started roughly over two months ago.  And I'm so over it.

Mainly because I work full-time and I have a million things to do in the evenings.  I don't mind lying down with Lil J but if it takes more than an hour, I give up and  put him in his crib so that he can practice how strong his lungs are.  I know, I'm evil.

Getting back to what I thought was another milestone - another success - I was checking my emails on my laptop in my room and I heard Lil J stop crying.  Silence.  Yay, I thought to myself.  He  put himself to sleep!  Lil J is back to normal!

Little did I know, Miss S had a little something to do with that.  This morning she came into our room and proudly announced that she had put Lil J to sleep.  She said she couldn't fathom his screaming and that it was breaking her heart so she went into his room and stroked his back.  A few seconds later, Lil J was out cold!  She was incredibly proud of herself as was I.  I congratulated her on being such a great big sister and she was beaming from ear to ear.

What a nice way to start my Friday morning!


  1. What a smart person his sister is! Wise beyond her years! That was my normal instinct too when we were getting our boy transitioned from our bed to his crib. It was soothing and calming and it let him feel safe. Now he is an excellent sleeper in his crib. Way to go big sister!

  2. Yes, she is great! We are all very lucky to have her :)