baby talk

If you have ever tried to converse with a toddler, you probably know that you won't understand 80% of what they say.  Most of the times you'll turn to the mother or father and even they will shake their heads and shrug their shoulders indicating that they have no idea what their child is saying.

Lil J has funny ways of 'conversing' with us.  Half the time he carries on a conversation on his own by speaking gibberish and we just stand there and smile and nod our heads.

Here are a few common words he uses:
  • No = "Nnnnnooh" (very defiantly)
  • Mama = "Mama, Mamoo, Mommy"
  • Daddy = "Dada, Daddy, Babe"
  • Grandma Cross = "Ma"
  • Grandpa Chow = "Gong Gong, Honey"
  • Grandma Chow = "Po Po"
  • Bus = "Bah"
  • Car = "Cah, Cah-are"
  • Bye = "Buh bye"
  • Baby = "Beh bah"
  • Bellybutton = "Buh beh"
  • Train = "Truh, Choo Choo"
  • Ball = "Ball"
  • Cat = "Cah"
  • Dog = "Doggie, Woof Woof"
  • Girl = "Guh"
  • Goodnight = "Nie nie"
And my favourite:
  • Love you = "Luh u"
He also knows how to count to 10 by himself and to 20 with help.  He knows the alphabet, which he says half the letters in an English accent.  And he has a picture book that he can 'read' by looking at the pictures.

I'm such a proud mama!


  1. Smart kid you have! I some how came across your blog and I love it...definitely will be following you.

  2. Thank you very much, This Cookn' Mom! Looking forward to reading your blog too!

  3. I love baby talk & first words! My 15 month old says such odd first words & sayings like "sunglasses", (As I was putting on my sunglasses) "diaper" (Changing her diaper), "What's this?" (I was showing her an empty cup) and "This is my toy" (Showing Grandma her toy). Sometimes I doubt myself, but it's been confirmed by Daddy and Grandma!