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Today's Vancouver Groupon deal is for an amazing skoah "mother of all facials" facial treatment for only $47.00!!  This offer is valid at their four locations: Yaletown, Kits, Metrotown and Lower Lonsdale (North Vancouver).

Perfect for Mother's Day or any other special day, as it doesn't expire until November 8, 2011.

I have had many fantastic experiences at skoah, my most recent one being at the North Vancouver location.  Before skoah, I had never experienced a facial before so I was kind of nervous going into my treatment.  But I had absolutely nothing to worry about as the girls at skoah make you feel comfortable and at ease, and must I say, the facial experience is..well..true bliss.  The heated beds are definitely a plus and is probably guilty for helping me drift off to dreamland....

I have also had the pleasure of meeting skoah's owner, Andrea Scott, a couple times - once at the opening of her newest location in North Vancouver and once at a party at her Yaletown location.  She is a pleasure to talk to and is very informative about her products (yes, they sell their own products too!  And I believe that they are made in Vancouver.  I read that somewhere but could not confirm it on their website).

So if I haven't convinced you yet, you need to purchase this Groupon!!

- swank|mama


  1. I saw this on Groupon and was hmming about buying it for myself. I think I might just have to go ahead and splurge on myself!

  2. If you do, let me give you a link to purchase it :) I forgot to add it to my post...

  3. http://www.groupon.com/r/uu6476857