dear lil j

22 Months and 10 Days

Dear Lil J,

Thank you for being the sunshine of the family and making everyone laugh with your beautiful smile in this time of need.  The fact that Gram-Gram has left us has not phased you as you are so sweet and innocent.  You are what is needed for us to find a positive light with this unfortunate situation.  You are helping us heal faster.

I love that you have a smile or mischievious grin for the people that are close to you.  You are a little wary around strangers but warm up to them once you feel comfortable, though Mommy is going to teach you not to talk to strangers.  You are so loveable and people cannot stop smiling when they are around you.  Here is an example of why:

And another:

You looked at a picture of Gram-Gram yesterday and when I asked you who it was you proudly said, "Gram-Gram!". 

In her final months, you could light up Gram-Gram's face like no other.  Even if she was feeling week, she would make the effort to sit up in her bed just so she could see you better.  She smiled and asked for hugs and kisses.  Sometimes you refused but most of the time you gave her lots of love.  Gram-Gram's spirit was instantly gratified :)

I am so proud of your uplifting spirit and the way you can bring a positive out of a negative.  You are also very polite, saying "thank you" after someone gives or does something for you.  That is all I could ask for.  Now we have to work on "no, thank you" instead of just "no".

I love you so so much.



  1. My boy has the same orange coat. I'm still squeezing it on him despite the fact it is too small. It is now more of a 'waist coat' hehe.

  2. Haha I love that coat! Got it for $10 at The Gap last fall :)