saying goodbye

Death.  The five letter word that no one wants to utter, that everyone wants to avoid.  But whether we want to admit it or not, death is inevitable.  Avoidable.

My husband's family lost a loved one yesterday - Grandma.  She was the matriarch of his family.  The woman who started it all.  A strong, strong woman who helped raise countless kids and supported a large, close-knit family.

Grandma was a very strong-willed woman.  She was bed-ridden in her last months, getting up only when she was able.  Lil J was able to lift her spirits up and make her smile as if nothing was wrong.  Every time that happened, my heart would melt.

Cancer took her.  In the end she was in so much pain and could not eat.  We were prepared for her passing and in the last days knew that her time was coming soon.  But nothing can really prepare you for the passing of a loved one.  From the moment I received my husbands text, shock was what I felt.  I sat there just staring straight ahead...thoughts racing through my mind.  About 15 minutes later, tears started forming.  This was going to be a long and tough road for my mother-in-law - Grandma's daughter.  If there was anyone that I didn't want to see in mourning pain, it would be my mother-in-law.

Thankfully I was able to leave work to be with my husband and his family for the next couple days.  It was comforting to be with family and know that our presence was appreciated.  We helped prepare the house for visitors.  We are going to have a lot of visitors over the next couple weeks.  Sad under the circumstances, but it will be nice to see everyone get together.

As we celebrate the life of Grandma and the wonderful woman she was, we must learn not to take life for granted and to enjoy & live in the moment.  Because life is far too short.  It might sound cliche but it's true.

Rest in peace Grandma.  You are in a better place and will be shining down on us forever.

- swank|mama

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