a morning in the life of .....


I started off this morning with my alarms blasting at 6:15am.  Yes, alarms - plural.  It takes at least two alarms - my clock radio (yes, I'm still old school) and my iPhone, plus 2-3 times of hitting the snooze button to get my sleepy butt out of bed.

In the washroom I walk only to be greeted by darkness because my procrastinator husband has still not fixed the circuit breaker in the garage when the fuse blew THREE days ago.  I have no idea where the breaker is, otherwise I would have done it by myself - three days ago.  So I have no choice but to flick the light switch and melt at the glare of the light.

Now I'm (slowly) into my morning routine when I realize that for the third day in a row, I would have to straighten my hair in the hallway where the plugs actually work.  Trying ever so quietly not to wake Lil J up, I venture out to the hallway and sit down in front of a free-standing mirror.  Seriously, these extra things first thing in the morning totally warp my tight time "schedule" and throw me off course.  And first thing in the morning, I am freakin annoyed.

But of course there is payback.  While taking the mirror out of our room, I made sure to make extra noise so that my hubby would wake up.  Hey, don't blame me!!  It's out of frustration!

After I'm done in the washroom, I am quietly tiptoeing into the kitchen while banging cupboards (ooops!) getting my cereal prepared and throwing snacks into my lunch bag.  Then I rush into the bedroom because I have literally TWO minutes to get dressed and out the door.  I hate rushing but I always do it.  I always hit the snooze button one last time.  I always wake up at the latest possible moment.  I always move at a snail pace that even a snail could rival.  I always take the extra 5 minutes to cuddle with Lil J (today I didn't have to because it was hubby's turn to wake him up and get him ready).

Oh my god, I forgot to make my coffee!!  I rush back to the kitchen and press the purator as fast as I can and dump the coffee into my mug.  We have a Nespresso machine too but my lovely hubby has not gotten me my capsules in months!  We only have one location where we can purchase the capsules and it's downtown and since I no longer work down there, I don't really get a chance to ever go and replenish my capsule supply.

The last test to see if Lil J will wake up is opening and closing the baby gate and praying that he won't hear it.  At this point, I am full-on sprinting.  My huge purse bangs against the wall and I pause, waiting to hear Lil J scream.  No, nothing.  Whew!  I tiptoe quickly down the stairs - creak, creak, CREAK!  Gotta love hardwood flooring that hasn't been installed properly.

Now it's time to drive to work half-asleep.  I love weekday mornings - NOT!!

- swank|mama


  1. UGH! Worst feeling ever!
    Hate running around!
    ANd hardwood floors are the enemy in our house!

  2. Totally!! I slip and slide while the damn floor creeks.