the day has come

The day has come where I never thought I'd say I feel like my mom.  Tired.  Just plain exhausted.  Another week has whizzed by and we're almost 4 months into the year.  Crazy.  Absolute insanity.  That's what a day in my life feels like.

You might say I'm a bit spoiled.  I go to work full-time, Monday to Friday.  My mother-in-law looks after Lil J during the week while I'm making the dough so that Lil J can eat the thousands of oranges he consumes in a week.  I come home everyday and my mother-in-law most likely has food on the stove.  So I sneak some.  Why not right?!  I'm always absolutely starving when I get home from work and a girl's gotta eat!

But I tell you - I am EXHAUSTED by the time Friday rolls around.  Everything looks blurry.  I'm moving in motions as the day dashes by.  I slur my words to my boss, my colleagues, strangers, my hubby and my mother-in-law.  I'm focused, and only focused, on getting home to my family to start the weekend.  And by the time I get home, I'm ready to crash.  Like right now.  I'm sleep-typing.  Yeah, that's right.

So I picture my mom sprawled out on the Lazy-Boy.  And, now, I see myself doing the exact same thing.

Haven't I always said I would never be like my mom?

Well the day has come...

- swank|mama

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  1. I hear you. I froze yesterday mid-convo for like a full minute trying to think of the word "ramen" it's mom-itis. You're like everyone's mom, haha! xoxo