the need to shower

What in the world is wrong with people?!  I jumped in the shower last night to do what you're supposed to do in the shower...clean yourself...when all of a sudden I noticed that the water was lukewarm, borderlining on cold.  WTF?!  So I wait a few more seconds for the water to heat up and when that didn't happen, I hastily jumped out of the shower, put my clothes on and screamed at my husband, "We have no hot water!!  What happened?!".

You'd be pissed too.

My hubby replies, "Oh yeah, I used up all the hot water when I got home today."  Sarcasm.  Not funny.  So then he goes downstairs in the basement to check out the situation.  We have tenants in the basement.  They are not the brightest beings on the planet.  It just so happened that they were storing stuff right next to the hot water tank, including cardboard (yes you heard right!).  Thus, the pilot light shut off which equals no hot water.  Which then equals one pissed off mama.

This is not the first time it's happened.

We had different tenants living downstairs last year and our hot water shut off on two or three different occasions.  Poor Miss S had to take a bath with water that had to be manually heated.  Like in the old days.  Waaaayyy too time consuming.

So I guess we'll have to wait and see if the situation is rectified today.  Otherwise, it's off to my mother-in-law's to take over her shower.  Good thing she's close by!

Thankfully, we are going on another mini vacation this weekend.  Away from this situation.  Who knew hot water could cause so much drama??

- swank|mama

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  1. Hey Mama! When I first started reading this I was all pissed at your husband, haha! Because mine really does use up all the hot water on the daily. Also leaves towels everywhere. I'm just glad you can direct your anger at the tenants, much healthier! So, does the HW work now?