newfound freedom

Ahhhh, the joys of....walking??!  Or should I say running?!  Lil J has finally figured out how to put his two little legs in motion and, boy, is this kid ever excited!

Ever since Lil J has discovered his newfound freedom, he has been EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!  Every other person (and their mothers!) warned me and the hubby that we were in for some trouble because once babies start walking, they get into everything.  At first, I brushed off all the comments saying, 'Lil J already gets into everything when crawling and it's not that bad'.  Was I ever wrong!!

I didn't think that we really had a problem.  What else could Lil J actually get into?  My answer now:  absolutely everything!  I also didn't realize how 'tall' my munchkin was until he was permanently positioned upright (there's no going back now!) and refused to do such a thing as crawling.  That was soooo two weeks ago!

Lil J can actually reach tabletops and grab at anything that is placed near the edge of a table.  He is climbing over anything and everything and - just tonight - he discovered that he could pick huge objects up and run with them.  And trip over them.  And fall forward then backwards directly on his head against the hardwood floors.  But fear not, Lil J is a warrior and he gets right back up, laughs it off and starts all over again.

For example, he lifted up his change pad with all his might and started beating it up.  Then he proceeded to run with it blocking his direct view of anything in front of him and he crashes into the corner of the wall and bounces back onto his head, hitting the playmats and thankfully not the hardwood (this time!).  All the while, the hubby and I are holding our breaths and Miss S. rushes towards her brother to make sure he's okay.

Yes, the newfound freedom.  Walking.  Who would have thought?

I'm just glad Lil  J waited 13 1/2 months before he started.  Wasn't rushing it at all.  Now look at what we got ourselves into!

We're sooo proud of him and his accomplishments.  Looking forward to the next milestone - if I survive this one!

- swank|mama


  1. Oh wow! This post has me hoping that Mr.A changes his mind about walking for a while! I'm just getting used to the crawling! & then you have to deal with falling too?! Yeah...we can wait! Lol!

  2. Yes! Enjoying the crawling stage!! Walking is fun too and is also great exercise for mommy lol :)