addiction much?!

Okay, by now you must be aware of my shopping habits but who can't resist a great deal?! That's where my two newest addictions come in: Mama Bargains and Living Social.

Not to be confused with mom & baby sites that offer daily deals at discounted prices, Mama Bargains offer multiple daily deals at 40 - 80% off retail until the product sells out. Basically, they offer one deal at a time and once that deal sells out, they will post another fabulous deal! This concept is genius (and dangerous for 'frugal' moms like me) and completely guilt free. I mean, you're getting a huge discount at clearance prices right?! Plus the shipping charges are minimal ($3.00 and change to Vancouver) and their customer service seems to be on par. I just completed my first order about a week and a half ago and am expecting it any day now. Can't wait!

Want to find a great deal in your neighbourhood? Living Social has taken the daily deal world by storm! They offer daily, time sensitive deals in multiple cities at up to 90% off retail prices. Each day has a different deal. Vancouver has already seen everything from spa treatments to car detailing packages. Follow this link to check if your city is participating in Living Social deals and join the daily deal world.

Are you addicted yet?!

- swankmama

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