diaper bag reborn

While I was pregnant, I was on the search of the perfect diaper bag within a certain budget - nothing over $100. After religiously searching websites for the trendiest designer diaper bags, many priced way past my price range, I suddenly had a bright idea. Those lululemon gym bags that every other girl was toting to their yoga classes could, in fact, become THE diaper bag. They're sturdy, have a gazillion pockets (for toys, extra clothes, food, extra clothes, mommy stuff, and -did I mention - extra clothes?!), a water bottle (baby bottle) pocket, come with a "dirty gym clothes" bag (soiled baby clothes) and the list could go on. Plus, most of them can also hold heavy loads - up to 50 lbs!! So what better diaper bag to get then one of the ones from the greatest yoga store ever?!

And did I mention - most of the bags are priced UNDER $100?!!!

My son is now almost 10 months old and I am so happy with my lululemon "diaper" bag. In fact, this is something that the company should maybe dip into....

- swank mama

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