countdown to the BIG day!!!

Seriously, where does time go? Out a window, through a roof?? I only have 21 more days until the "big day" (give or take a few!) and I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. Of course I'm very very very nervous about the whole labour ordeal...my step-daughter keeps asking me if I'm worried if it will hurt and my answer is the same every time ....YES!!!!!! I can't even imagine the pain - although I am trying to pysch myself out by downplaying it. I have had a couple women tell me that it wasn't half as bad as it sounds but I think they had some help on the pain side ;) Me? I'm going to try to go at it all natural. TRY being the key word.

So where are we at right now? My husband has been slowly trying to clear out the nursery....sllllooowwwwllly. It's almost done and now we can start the painting process. Luckily we're having summer type weather right now so the paint will dry fast. I already assembled the dresser and pack n' play...my husband did the crib..so everything is pretty much ready once the room is painted. So exciting!!

We also have to install the car seat in my car. Of course we misplaced the manual but the good thing about techology nowadays - everything can be found online!!! So hopefully that will be in sometime this week and I can baby-ize my car :)

Will keep you updated..........

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