Wow, how time files! I probably should have started this blog ages ago when my journey first started. But hey, it's never too late right?!

So the short story goes: I'm a mama-to-be (in less than 8 weeks!). Actually, allow me to correct myself - I'm a nearly broke mama-to-be but who isn't? Don't get me wrong. I'm working full-time at a dead-end job (we'll get to that later) but what's killing me is all the cute, teeny tiny baby things out there. And may I mention all of the "mom made" things that are now suddenly absolutely essential to getting through a pregnancy and/or first few years of a child's life? Seriously, there are so many products and websites devoted to these items that it's absolutely mind blowing! And tempting - trust me, it doesn't take a lot for me to whip out my credit card at the mention of a discount or freebie.

Luckily, I've been listening more to my gut feeling and that little voice in my head saying "Do you really need it or is it just a novelty?". After splurging on a baby sling, Bebe Au Lait nursing cover and a diapees & wipees diaper and wipes holder early on in my pregnancy, I figured I should listen to that little (and annoying or just plain smart?) voice in my head that was saying "Stop!! Slow down and buy only items you NEED".

It's so hard to go completely overboard with buying baby products especially if it's your first child. You feel the need to have to provide for your lil one and at times it'll be more than you can actually afford. So now I'm only thinking of what I really need and not everything that I want the baby to have. I mean, seriously, did we have all of these products 5, 10 or 20 years ago? Our moms obviously got by okay - look at us!

Basically the top 5 things I figure I need when the baby is born are:

1. Diapers
2. Wipes
3. Stroller
4. Car seat
5. Crib

All of the other items such as a high chair, toys, bouncer, etc. can wait until 3-6 months into the child's life right? That's what I have to remind myself every day especially when I walk by that posh store with all the cute little gadgets that I know I will use one day. Riiiggghht!! Although in my mind, I love it when my "swank" side takes over. I feel like I can rule the world. And one day I will.

- swank mama

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