mama mio - so addicting!

So I know all you mom-to-be's out there are desperately trying to fight the devil that is STRETCH MARKS. Well have no fear - i've discovered the mother of all creams: mama mio's Tummy Rub Butter (http://www.mamamio.com/us/finals/trbutter.html).

It's a protector against stretch marks, feels like butter and smells yummy too. And it works! Take it from me - I'm entering my 33rd week and there are still no signs of any stretch marks!! I've been using the Tummy Rub Butter since my 3rd month of pregnancy (feel free to use it earlier or as you please) as I was worried that I would get the same stretch marks as I did when I went through my growth spurts as a teenager. An added plus is that my fiance loves, loves, loves the smell and can't get enough of it.

Also recommended is the Boob Tube which is equally amazing and addicting (http://www.mamamio.com/us/finals/boobtubepregnanc.html).

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